Jamaica Spores

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10 reviews for Jamaica Spores

  1. Jerry Regnier


  2. Mary Bernardini

    Love these just the perfect buz I have high tolerance and 3 does it just right.

  3. Sabina Jackson

    Tastes good and had a good trip

  4. Dennis Green

    Very good

  5. Sal Arellano

    Fun with a friend.

  6. Donald McNew

    Great product. Never tried more than 2 at a time but it was great for an evening full of laughing and having that shroomy feeling without the visuals or tracers. Everything just seemed more crisp and enlightening.

  7. Charles J. Blanco

    Soo yummy. Nutella flavor

  8. Ryan Taylor

    Had such a fun evening! Will be buying again

  9. Lynn Winstead

    this one tastes a little more like shrooms but still good with its effects

  10. Ricky Harding

    Really tasty!!

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