African Aphrodisiac

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  Lineage: Africa

  Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs

  Onset Time: 1-2 hrs

  Duration: 4-6 hrs

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African Aphrodisiac For Sale Near Me


African Aphrodisiac For Sale Near Me, The origins of this unique mycelial cultivar can be traced back to the Eastern Coast of South Africa.


African Aphrodisiac mushrooms are renowned for their potent and long-lasting effects.


Deeply connective and profoundly shamanistic, this extraordinary strain is highly effective in expanding consciousness and opening the doors of perception


Using magic mushrooms with substances such as cannabis, amphetamines, alcohol, etc., elevates the risks of serious side effects and adverse events.
For individuals predisposed to or with existing psychiatric conditions, there may be an elevated risk of side effects. This association is still being evaluated.
For individuals with cardiac diseases, short-term effects such as increased blood pressure and heart rate could potentially be harmful.
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12 reviews for African Aphrodisiac

  1. Colleen Hughes

    The shrooms are the real deal!Very good!I was hesitant at first doing a etransfer but I had nothing to worry about.

  2. John Hartfield

    Amazing first time experience

  3. Allison Gray

    First time experience with dryed shrooms and I was quite impressed and satisfied!!!

  4. Jeffrey Carter

    Took 2 grams as my first mushroom experience in 20 years. Even though I ended up throwing up (next time i’ll consume them differently than chewing on stems on an empty stomach) and my high was cut short I had amazing and productive insights into some emotional issues and my goodness… it’s like 10 years of therapy in 45 minutes. I even got it on video and plan to post about my experience on my TY channel (TorontoUnicorn – Sarah), I highly recommend if you want a spiritual and insightful journey of self discovery. Also AMAZING customer service.

  5. Ashley Holmes

    Love this deal allows you to explore and learn about the effects of each type will buy again

  6. Michael Hayes

    Now this is something I’ve been micro dosing these shrooms for therapeutic reasons. There great in lemon tek, tea and eating for myself I like the lemon tek. I’ve tripped a handful of times and the experiences I had were from talking amongst myself to kaleidoscope flowers. They hit harder on higher doses but is completely manageable in the right trip setting. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from various things.

  7. Stephen Barlowe

    Best shrooms I’ve ever had

  8. Marshall Anderson

    This is such an awesome deal and get to try new strains which is fun to see what others have for a visual, body and spiritual experience!

  9. Ebony Myers

    Great product, will purchase again

  10. Barbara Goldstein

    Great trip!

  11. Amy Smith

    Loving mixing and matching!

  12. Katrina Gains

    Best deal out there!

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