Magic Truffles Tampanensis

(7 customer reviews)



7 reviews for Magic Truffles Tampanensis

  1. Dawna Wood

    Glad I have tried this. Will reorder in the future.

  2. Ronnie McCarroll

    Looking forward to a little clarity I hope.

  3. Stephanie Vieira

    Certainly worth a try. I will purchase this again in the future

  4. Amelia Moss

    Nice aroma, for has a very slight hint of fruit.

  5. Ralph Schumann

    Wonderful mild earthy aroma

  6. Sharon Christian

    The adventure continues. I hope everyone can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea during the quarantine. Easy to get overwhelmed with a situation you can not control.

  7. Patricia McClure

    Thanks A lot, i feel better on this, my next order on the way

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