Mondo® Grow Kit PES

(8 customer reviews)



8 reviews for Mondo® Grow Kit PES

  1. Kyle Herrera

    As advertised, great for those who dislike the taste of the raw product.

  2. Geraldine Soto


  3. Thao Gautreau

    Amazing. 40 mins on the dot, feeling great!
    And the taste is amazing.

  4. Steven Kauffman

    These are so yummy and get you high at a very comfortable pace.

  5. Otis Hall

    Big pieces all the same color

  6. Henriette Kunz

    Good stuff

  7. Tina Lewis

    quick come up and effective

  8. Ruben Hayward

    Took all 4 today under supervision of a local shaman as sitter. Smooth trip with lots of yawns. Maybe blew off some unwanted “stuff” and felt quite connected.

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