Cloud Walker #11

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Lineage: North America

  Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs

  Onset Time: 1-2 hrs

  Duration: 4-6 hrs

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Where Can I Buy Cloud Walker #11 In Colorado

Where can I buy Cloud Walker #11 in Colorado. is an exclusive strain that comes to us from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.


This particular mushroom is lauded for its powerful effects. Recommended for seasoned adventurers.


Intense visuals and enhanced sociability, accompanied by a warmness that facilitates self-exploration. Cloud Walker mushrooms are a fantastic choice for those seeking to foster spiritual connections


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11 reviews for Cloud Walker #11

  1. Marisela Peters

    Good quality stuff.

  2. Faith Richardson

    Very visual, I was surprised by how visual they were.

  3. Mary Vinson

    Amazing visuals!

  4. Joe Kaiser

    1g was just enough to enjoy a round of golf.

  5. Patricia Serrano

    It was ok. Mild high

  6. Eliza Hughes

    High quality. Never disappointed

  7. Donald Lydon

    nice trip

  8. Gregory Campbell

    Had a great day talking all day long with this one!

  9. Marvin Kunze

    I love it

  10. Louis Hall

    Similar effect as the golden teacher but longer lasting

  11. Verlene Morrison

    Great mushroom to have whether you are outside chilling in your backyard day or night. Found a medium hallucinogenic effect, great for deep thinking.

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